About Intentify Media Group

Intentify Media is the first integrated digital multimedia company. We are pioneers in innovative social strategies, development of web applications & scaling online brands. What differentiates us from other digital media companies is our ability to leverage data to optimise multimedia. We blend technology & culture that most companies fail to evaluate for the success of a brand’s impact. Formerly SocialTakeOver, Intentify Media was launched in London, UK in 2017. A company that started in a University dorm room currently works with 20+ countries & has employees in more than 5 countries. We create our own social brands that has a reach of over 15 million organic viewers around the globe & partnered with leading influencers/content creators across different categories and countries that help make brands matter at the right time and in the right place.

We Make It Simple




We implement strategies that are conclusive, unlike other marketers

Disruptive marketing strategy executions that convert higher % leads and make your brand matter at the right time & place.

We analyse human behaviour for targeted media buying

Over a decade of machine learning and industry experience that helps in better customer targeting to help brands get a Higher ROI

Continuous learning for implementing data-driven intelligence for enhanced targeting

We leverage data for optimizing our strategies to challenge the market trends and accelerate your brands growth

Advanced high-performance marketers that break the cosmic

We believe in the brands we help, we are not afraid to go beyond the traditional marketing norms to help take your brand to the next level

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