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Intentified Data or Social media data refers to information gathered about the users of social media based on their online behaviour and interests. Social media offers a huge pool of consumers ripe for brand communication. But social media isn’t about brands. It’s about people sharing their lives with others they know based on common interests and they resent interruptions, particularly when someone is trying to sell them something!
This information type can yield insights that help companies to understand real-time consumer choices, intentions and sentiments. These numbers and statistics are derived from various social network sites and reveal how users share, view or engage with a company’s content or profiles. Intentify uses this intelligence gathered to assist with companies’ social media strategies, informing future decisions and actions. In short, we help brand’s understand what their consumers are looking for!

Leverage Social Data To Amplify Your Brands Reach

Intentified Social media data is crucial to make business decisions with confidence and optimise processes throughout departments. Social media data is useful for researchers, marketers, sales professionals, and agencies for a variety of reasons, thanks to its ability to provide deeper behavioural insights about audiences and how they engage with a brand.

Increase Your Brand's Visibility Across Platforms

Social media data helps in increasing your brand’s visibility and manage your brand’s overall perception in public. Every time your company is mentioned online, you can instantly know how and when customers are sharing and discussing your brand using social listening with data.

Leverage Key Influencers For Your Brand

Analysing social media data allows you to identify key influencers to work with and consequently monitor your audience’s engagement with them in real-time. This increases the ROI and targets audience with the highest purchase intent.

Create Tailored Content Personalized For Your Brand

The more data you have to understand your audience, the better. You can create authentic compelling content that is tailored for that specific audience, increasing the CTR%. Understanding the interests, needs and wants of a customer helps Intentify build personalised experiences for those that interact with your brand.

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