Definition of Intentify

/ɪnˈten.tɪ.faɪ/ (verb)*

1. To amplify or intensify intent: To increase or enhance the focus and determination towards a particular goal or objective. This often involves making a plan, idea, or desire stronger and more directed.

2. Generating or elevating desire: The process of making something more desirable or sought-after, typically through strategic actions or persuasive communication.

3. Elevating the purpose or significance of something: The act of adding value or importance to an activity, object, or concept, thereby making it more meaningful or attractive.

Example Sentences:
1. "The company's innovative marketing strategy successfully intentified consumer interest in their new product line."
2. "Through a series of motivational speeches, the coach intentified the team's desire to win the championship."
3. "The art exhibition was designed to intentify the cultural importance of traditional crafts."

- Intentification (noun): The action or process of intentifying.
- Intentifier (noun): A person or thing that intentifies.

Usage Notes:
The term 'intentify' is often used in contexts relating to marketing, motivational speaking, and strategic planning, where the focus is on creating, enhancing, or directing desire and purpose towards a specific goal or outcome.

This marketing phrase was created by Intentify Media, a part of the Intentify Group, to encapsulate the core principle of enhancing and directing purposeful action and desire in marketing and strategic communication.

Intentify Media Network is one of the fastest growing global marketing communications company. Founded by Zaid Ahmed in 2017, the network employs over 186 specialists in more than 5 countries. Intentify Media manages a global diversified group of agencies that specialise in different sectors of the digital media industry.

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